Trinchero Family Estates

Charles came in to fix a lot of problems, which he did. Now he keeps my department’s Macs running smoothly, which keeps productivity up. I don’t have to think about it. He just does it, and it makes my life so much easier!

Andrew Rice, Creative Director
Trinchero Family Estates

Baril Compliance Service

Charles manages the 10 Macs that run my business, and was invaluable helping me understand what questions needed to be asked, and how they needed to be answered, in negotiations for an expensive web application I was interested in purchasing. The negotiations went very well, and we actually got a better deal than I’d hoped for.

I feel that I am in safe hands with Lindauer Mac Consulting. Charles is responsive, he saves me money, and he knows his stuff.

Elise Baril, owner
Baril Compliance Service

Iceberg Strategic Creative

As a graphic designer, I need to be able to have quick solutions to Mac questions as soon as they arise. A couple of years ago I was fortunate to discover Charles Lindauer of Lindauer Mac Consulting. He has become a valuable resource: my problems are solved promptly and pleasantly and I’m back at work with a minimum of down time. I’ve worked with other consultants, but his depth of knowledge and Apple certification makes him the go-to guy for all my Mac help.

Gale Peck, owner
Iceberg Strategic Creative

Jeff Lecoeuche Insurance Agency

“As a commercial Insurance Broker I sell Cyber Liability and Data Breach
insurance, so when I asked Charles Lindauer to do a Cyber Security
Evaluation of my business I was amazed to see how vulnerable to breach and
Cyber attacks my business was! Charles listed all the vulnerable issues
and gave me a clear list of recommendations to follow with an option for
him to help me through the implementation.
I was very impressed by Charles detailed analysis and his professionalism”

Jeff Lecoeuche, owner

Enterprising Graphics

Charles is endlessly knowledgeable about both Macs and the iPhone (an added bonus!), and I have been really impressed that when I ask a question – no matter how obscure – if he doesn’t know it immediately, he will come back to me (usually the same day) with all sorts of information on it. He gives me the help to make informed decisions about purchases, suggests best practices for maintenance, and should the worst happen, he is available to fix most computer issues on short notice at my office (take that Mac Geniuses!

Caren Parnes, owner
Enterprising Graphics, Santa Rosa, CA

Tom Bickford

I want to introduce my friend Charles Lindauer. He takes care of my wife’s Mac system. I’ve both watched him work and worked with him and I’ve experienced him to be incredibly patient and tactful, thorough and very knowledgeable. He is extremely proficient at dealing with Cyber Security issues. Proactive about keeping things running at peak performance and productivity. He’s tenacious, results driven, won’t stop till the job is done and done right.

In short, he’s a Mac magician. I can’t recommend him highly enough. You’ll be glad you did business with him.

Tom Bickford

Murphy Construction

I want to thank Charles for his fast response to my cries of frustration with a new operating system I was having troubles with. A few key questions & suggestions on his part and I was able to fix some of the problems that day. The rest of the issues were solved shortly after he researched my printer problems and sent me the links to fix it.

I truly appreciate his level of knowledge on all things Mac. Charles is a great resource and help, whether you have a business or personal computer challenges, he’ll is always there to help.

Steve Murphey, Owner, Murphey Construction

Barbara Nova

Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks again for your great work – my little iBook is running fine!

Barbara Nova, Ph.D

Sir Speedy Printing

Thank you for getting our Macs running optimally. We’re saving time and money now due to your quick fix and and advise on how to keep our machines in good running order. Schedule us for a tune-up in 6 months. It was well worth the cost of having you come to our shop and work on the Macs during working hours.

Bill Laurie, owner
Sir Speedy Printing, Santa Rosa CA

Steve Smith

I just wanted you to know how happy we are that you got us set up downstairs with good internet service. Now Judy has a strong signal on her laptop and I can get a strong signal on my ipad out in our sunroom, where I got no signal before. Also thanks for “cleaning up” both of our computers and our router. Feel free to use my comments in your promotion and I will be sure to recommend you.

Steve Smith

Keeps an old Mac running

My 4 year old Mac was acting up, so a friend suggested I call Charles, and what a godsend he was.  He came to my house at a mutually agreeable time, was prompt, efficient, worked quickly, and explained things to me as he was going along.  He made suggestions that I hadn’t considered or knew nothing about, and was always right on target.  He’s extremely experienced and knowledgeable and not condescending at all, just very, very helpful.  His excellent people skills helped moved the process along quickly and ease my anxieties. He was always quick to respond to phone or email inquiries from me. I’d recommend Charles to any Mac owner or someone considering purchasing one.

John H.

I got Charles’ help with my 2017 iMac, to remedy slow startup and failure to recognize its peripherals. I also had him install a solid state hard drive and greatly boost storage. So my iMac isn’t in 2017 anymore: it starts in about 12 seconds, versus four minutes before. It’s a new beast. And all this help in total only cost 300-some dollars!Charles’ Mac knowledge is wide and deep, such that I feel he could charge more than he does. And beside all that, he’s just a gentlemanly, respectful, low-key guy.