Mojave looks great, but…

is it safe to upgrade yet? There’s a lot to love about the new Mac OS 10.14, Mojave. It’s tempting to upgrade, especially as Apple really, really wants you to do it. Automatic installer downloads are happing to millions of users, and since we trust Apple, why not?

Well, maybe because we don’t know if it’s buggy or not, yet, and won’t for a while. For mission critical Macs I always recommend waiting until the .2 or even .3 releases. Right now, we’re at .0, the initial public release.

It’s so easy to do. Once the installer downloads, just click the magic button, and an hour or so later, depending on your Internet connection and Apple’s server load, you’re done. Then the fun begins. Lots of new things to try out, some more impacting than others. Unfortunately, that’s also when the not so fun begins for some. If there are bugs written into the system, bad things happen. An example is the rewrite of USB 3 drivers done for El Capitan, that has persisted through High Sierra, that causes external hard drives to disconnect, with the message about the drive not ejected correctly and possible data damage. And there can be more troublesome issues. We just don’t know yet.

Let me or people like me be your crash test dummies, unless you don’t mind if some apps don’t work, or your Mac crashes. So far my laptop is working fine, but my use of it is somewhat minimal. My main work machine is still on High Sierra, at least for now. I’ll update soon, but I’ll have a backup handy to restore in case of problems!

In any case, any time you upgrade to a new system, or even update to a new version, please remember to have a very recent backup done first. That can save a great deal fo pain.

I’ll check back later with a fuller report on Mojave stability. For now, be careful, or be daring. And either way, have a backup!

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