Life with Macintosh

With 25+ years keeping clients productive, Charles Lindauer/Lindauer Mac Consulting can maximize client Macintosh, iPhone and iPad experiences. From networked businesses to individual home users, services include troubleshooting, repair, training and purchase assistance for both new and experienced Mac users.

Experience with Macs in business settings provides more than “technician” service. Working with owners and CFOs to design upgrade and maintenance schedules that are in sync with budgets assures that their technology serves them, not the other way around.

Computer monitoring service is available for a nominal cost per computer or server. Problems are noticed as they occur, in most situations allowing a solution before the user notices anything happened. Memory, hard drives, backups, network health, reboots and more are monitored.

Serving The Wine Country and Marin

Located in Rohnert Park, Lindauer Mac Consulting is centrally located to serve Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties. Options include secure onsite, at home and remote assistance (if desired) as well as communications via phone or email.

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Outsourced CIO

Large companies have a Chief Information Officer to direct technology services and to work with the CEO to make the best decisions to get the most out of the business computers, networks, etc. Productivity and costs are critical elements to the decision making process, and coming up with the best compromise is part of the job description.

Smaller companies can’t justify hiring a CIO, but still need the job done. Rather than owners try to take it on, or have an employee struggle to handle technology decisions along with their normal job, use LMC as your outsourced CIO.

Outsourced IT Department

If your company (or your home) can’t justify an IT department to handle installation, troubleshooting and repair, maintenance, security and backup for your technology… use LMC as your outsourced IT department. Charles will make sure that you have smooth-running, secure and safe hardware and software. He will help you keep your Macs properly maintained for productivity. You won’t have to worry about malware. Your data will be safely backed up. Using a very inexpensive monitoring system, LMC can detect a wide range of issues, and make corrections before problems become serious.

Technician - Help Desk

When your Mac slows down, or your wireless network doesn’t work… you need a tech. When your app won’t open, or behaves badly… you need help! Charles can handle any problem you have with your Apple technology, fix the problem and get you going again. Many times he can walk you through a solution on the phone, or work remotely. Economic solutions are the goal. Using an inexpensive monitoring system, problems can be detected in realtime and corrected quickly, before they become serious. Repairs, such as replacing broken screens and other component replacement will extend the life of your Mac.

First I’ll assess the problem, by gathering information from the client and verifying the problem. I’ll try quick fixes first. If the problem is more complex, I’ll run diagnostics, systematically isolate the fault, and research as necessary. Then I can solve the problem, verify that the repair is successful, and inform you of the problem and the solution. In many cases, I can solve the problem remotely.
Installation and Repair
I will set up your new Mac, install memory or storage upgrades and install new peripherals. Repairs include broken screens, damaged internal components, battery replacement, and more.
I work with businesses, helping them to be more productive and profitable. I also work with individuals who need maintenance or troubleshooting, and with Windows users curious about Macs. If you need to upgrade hardware or software or if you need a solution but are not sure how to achieve it… I can help you. If you need to make a purchase, I’ll help you find the vendor who will give you the best combination of price, service and reliability for your situation.
I always try to leave a client knowing a little more about how to use their Mac more effectively. A bit of training and tutoring will increase productivity… saving a minute an hour can save 30+ hours a year! Can you use the extra time?

Cyber Security Evaluation

LMC offers all computer user, Mac, Windows, Linux etc. an evaluation of vulnerabilities with a report and recommendations for eliminating or reducing those vulnerabilities. This involves an information request, and an interview of about an hour. The resulting report and recommendations will help you to secure your computers, your data, your network and your website.

70% of attacks are against small businesses, and the per record cost of a data breach hit a seven-year high in 2022 at $164 per record. Avoid the economic and reputation costs of a breach. Make sure you know where you may be vulnerable. It’s what we don’t know that we don’t know that gets us in trouble.