Who is LMC?

Charles Lindauer has been Macintosh computing since January, 1987. He works with a carefully selected collection of colleagues, and between them they can provide you with a wide range of experience and skills to deliver great solutions for your needs.

when, where, how?

Charles is a 30+ year Sonoma County, California resident and a Mac User since 1987. In 1989 he started the first of several businesses that depended on Macintosh computers. In the mid ’90s he found himself tapped by friends, acquaintances and even strangers for help with their Mac issues, and began consulting.

Lindauer Mac Consulting works with individuals from beginners to power-users, and businesses ranging from real estate investors to graphic design firms, publishing companies to chiropractors, educators to filmmakers.

In 2007 Charles was first certified by Apple, and joined the Apple Consultants Network. His commitment to on-going education is strong, and every day he spends at least a little time learning more about Mac, web site construction and design, etc. He has since taken several Apple certification courses, as well as advanced FileMaker development courses.

Typically Charles or a colleague will come to your site for troubleshooting, installation, set-up and training. They will do any necessary research prior to a visit, and will have any hardware and software required for optimum performance when they arrive. If possible, Charles will work remotely, to keep client costs down.