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Lindauer Mac Consulting

Keeping your Macs intact

Lindauer Mac Consulting (LMC) helps businesses using Macintosh and Apple technology become more profitable and free of tech-related stress. The process begins with an evaluation to help users understand their evolving technology needs. Assistance includes purchase advice, installation, troubleshooting, repair, backup, and maintenance. The mission is to increase productivity via cost-effective strategies that address client needs.

Charles Lindauer, founder of Lindauer Mac Consulting, has been keeping clients –new as well as experienced Mac users – productive and profitable for over 19 years.

Serving the Wine Country and Marin

Based in Rohnert Park, California, Lindauer Mac Consulting primarily serves Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties. Work with those outside the North Bay’s wine country can be done in person as well as remotely. Location specific referrals can also be provided.

Experienced and new Mac users and Windows users curious about the Mac

The LindauerMacs Blog provides useful information and links for those who want to learn more about technology and business in general.

Curious Mac and PC users can access updated information about the Macintosh (how to use it and more) on Apple’s Mac Basics page.

Looking for specific information but can’t find it or have information you would like to share? Please contact me.


A list of recommended business professionals.

Following an intake session to determine what problems exist, the most-cost effective repair strategies will be employed. If needed, diagnostics and related research will be run to better isolate the fault. Repair will be verified. In many cases, this can be handled remotely.
Installation and Repair

Lindauer Mac Consulting will set up your new Mac, install memory or storage upgrades, install new peripherals and replace components, including damaged screens and internal parts.

Lindauer Mac Consulting works primarily with businesses, helping them be more productive and profitable. Individual Mac users who need maintenance or troubleshooting, and Windows users curious about Macs can also benefit from these services.

Specialties include finding Mac vendors who offer the best combination of price, service and reliability for the needs of each situation.

Lindauer Mac Consulting offers easy to apply training and tutoring designed to increase productivity and reduce stress.

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