Lindauer Macintosh Consulting services

I will first assess the problem, by gathering information from the client and verifying the problem. I'll try quick fixes first. If the problem is more complex, I'll run diagnostics, systematically isolate the fault, and research as necessary. Then I can solve the problem, verify that the repair is successful, and inform you of the problem and the solution. In many cases, I can solve the problem remotely.

I will set up your new Mac, install memory or storage upgrades, install new peripherals and do basic repairs.

I work primarily with businesses, helping them be more productive and profitable. I also work with individuals who need maintenance or troubleshooting, and with Windows users curious about Macs.

If you need to upgrade hardware or software, if you need a solution but are not sure how to achiev it... I can help you.

If you need to make a purchase, I'll help you find the vendor who will give you the best combination of price, service and reliability for your situation.

I always try to leave a client knowing a little more about how to use their Mac more effectively. A bit of training and tutoring will increase productivity... saving a minute an hour can save 30+ hours a year! Can you use the extra time?

I've been building web sites for more than 15 years, and work closely with clients to create a "face" for their organization or business that best reflects their personality, while making functionality a priority.

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Please call 707-479-6170 or email

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Below are a few items I use and support, with great prices.

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TechRestore is my source for screen and internal repairs for Macs, iPads and more.

Try the Drive Simulator

Quote Actions provides short motivational and inspirational quotes with a "take action" item. I find it invaluable.

Lindauer Mac Consulting

Keeping your Mac intact

LMC specializes in helping businesses using Macs become tech-stress free and more profitable. Beginning with a tech evaluation to help you understand the evolving technology needs, through purchase advise, Installation, backup and maintenance our mission is to help you make more money and sleep better at night.

LMC has been keeping clients productive and profitable for over 15 years, and can work with you to minimize down time, and maximize productivity. I provide troubleshooting, repair, training and purchase assistance to new and experienced Mac users.

Serving the Wine Country and Marin

I am based in Petaluma, California, and serves Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties. We occasionally work with clients outside the Wine country, depending on their needs, either in person or remotely.

When you have question, or a problem, I will come to your site or work remotely to assesss your situation, evaluate the variables and deliver the results you require.

Experienced and new Mac users and Windows users curious about the Mac

The Mac Info page and LindauerMacs Blog will lead you to information and links to help you learn as much as you are comfortable with. Become as productive as you can be! In addition, articles from respected business consultants will be added to the blog from time to time. We all need to grow our businesses and this is my contribution.

New Mac users or PC users who are curious can find information about the Mac, how to use it and more, on the New User's page

This site is growing, so please check back. If you have questions or suggestions, or information to post, please contact me.


A list of businesses I use or know well, and highly recommend. I hope that you find it useful.